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Blog 7: Inspiration from a Picture!

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Have you ever been to Craft Fairs where EVERYONE has the same items? After all, we all

Witch and Werewolf Picture
Halloween 2018

go to the same fabric stores, take the same classes, and have the same patterns. So the age-old question becomes, how to make customers come to my booth instead of going to someone else’s?

First: Do your research:

Going through tons of Pinterest pictures to see what people are working on is a good start. Also your favorite email hint to what everyone will be working on for the up coming season in popular colors.

Classes do show what items will be popular at craft shows. For instance, I am doing wine glass lamps. A lot of people are doing these; however, I did a different spin on them. But that’s another blog.

TV shows/movies do help with what is in and what is now passé. Minions have seen better days and without another movie coming out, I will not mass-produce more purses with these little guys even though I love them (special order only). On the other hand, unfortunately My Little Ponies are once again in the limelight and the material is back on my cutting table even though it is not a personal favorite of mine.

Second: Inspiration is all around:

Every second of every day we are learning something new! By observing what people wear; on bookstore’s best sellers list (or timeless classics) by popular authors; and even the many conventions on what celebrities they’re advertising as well as their recent works will help you get your creative juices going.

My all time favorite inspiration is holidays: October, November and December. Secular and spiritual themed items do appear on my table.

My latest inspiration came from an email about books that should be read this fall. I saw it as a great way to show off my applique skills for making a pillow case top. I took the idea of what I liked from the picture, the moon, witch, and wolf and left off the words. I also went through my stash of fabrics to see what I can create. See what you think!

First, I decided what to applique. The moon, witch and wolf were the obvious winners. The bats were too small. Purple is my favorite color and so I used that as my night sky.

A recent technique that I learned in quilting class is called “fussy cut.” It is when you cut out the leaves from the material’s background and embroider it onto the piece that you are currently building. I had wanted to use this technique since March and was happy to incorporate it into the pillow project. As you can see, it adds another dimension to the pillow and lots of color.

Back to the bats! I embroidered them on using a preexisting pattern that came with my machine. It only took a couple of minutes per bat. The one in the moon has three colors; the two in the leaves uses black thread only.

I finish the back of the pillow with the traditional pillowcase technique. So that the buyer can refresh their designs for each Holiday! I discount additional pillowcases bought without the pillow form for returning customers.

That is how I got from a book to a pillow. And it will be an exclusive design! What do you think????

Witch and the Werewolf

Remember: “ Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration. Thomas Alva Edison”

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