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Fandom Experience

OmniFandom Expo Ad

So, you think you are not ready to be one of the masses at a HUGE MegaCon; Like the Orlando MegaCon that is over Memorial Day Weekend every year? Why not try one of the

smaller cons? This year, Crafty Weavers tried out the Omni FanDom Expo at the Florida Mall and had a blast. Instead of being in Artist Alley, it was the first time that we were vendor’s section. Both areas are equally fantastic to work in!

Sean as Light Yagami from Death Note

Sean went as Light Yagami,

the Death Note character, and I wore my Totoro skirt because everyone loves to Cosplay at these events.

The smaller venue might mean less people, but everyone is just as friendly and helpful. There are still many panels to go to. Sean went to all three of the Learn Japanese Levels and tips for going to Japan. I found my web designer there, make-up tips, and how twos for making your own Cos play costume. The voice actor Joshua Seth, Taichi “Tai” Kamiya in Digimon Adventue, had a very inspiration segment on Finding Focus In a Busy World. Which is the name of the book he was promoting, but he answered many other questions to the cozy room of occupants.

Ok, so there are vendors, artists, and panels, oh my. What else? Well, the Maid Café serve snacks and drinks. There was a room showing movies. Another set up for electronic gaming. Plus a board game room that stayed open most of the night. (This is what I heard since I went home to bed!)

There is a costume contest and other nightly activities. You just need to come on out and have some fun!

Lydia, from Beetle Juice (upper left), Kermit the Frog (lower left), Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service (upper right), Ciel from Black Butler (lower right) Darth Nihilus from 501st.

Lydia, from Beetle Juice, was one of the make-up artist at the Con. (Upper Left)

Darth Nihilus, center, was from the 501st. He was very popular for pictures.

The other three pictures are random fans having the time of their lives!

Remember: CosPlay doesn’t mean consent!

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