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Getting Ready for MegaCon

MegaCon Convention at West Concourse Convention Center, Orlando

When do I start getting ready for MegaCon? Would you believe right after I finish up last year’s Con? That’s right. As soon as we are finishing up our last sales, we start to apply for next year’s show! Crazy huh? But it is the best way to make sure there is a spot for you.

Since my background is actually business, I become anal about my listing of inventory and what sells and what does not. I talk to people who go to the Cons and see what they like. Sometimes that doesn’t help though. Everyone wants something different. So what to sell, what to sell?

Orlando MegaCon is very good about advertising who their guest will be at “this year’s Con.” So I am constantly making a list of guest appearances. This is because those will attract the greatest number of fans on those days. This can be good and bad though, big-ticket items take a lot of the customer’s budget so only concentrating on guest stars is not enough.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Movies and TV shows are another source to look at when deciding what to make. If Star Wars “Solo” is coming out, you bet I will have Star Wars purses to sell. As well as porg purses since everyone, including me, are in love with the little bird.

TV show that does well is Stranger Things, and Eggo Waffle purses are hard to come by, so I have sewn them in the square box style to mimic the show instead of my usual passport style. Another blog I’ll have to write about the trials and errors of Eggo purses.

Another source is what type of fabric is available.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the movie

The Fantastic Beasts material was readily available more so than the Hogwarts Houses. I also enjoyed the book tremendously, which lead me to making the quilt. At the beginning of each chapter is a different drawing, which I took nine of and digitized into a quilt. That I raffled off. Needless to say, the FB purses and quilt were not so much of a hit as were the Hogwarts Houses. The House fabric was $20 a yard and cut into my profits tremendously. But in the end, you scrounge for coupons.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the book

Find sales and everything evens out at the end. I am still proud of the FB quilt that I did and very happy that I did it. Would I have done it all over again? Yes! The person who won the quilt absolutely loved it. And that brings me to my tip:

Remember: Make what you love, than it will never fill like a job!

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