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Stats Board Piece

Back in 2004, a turn-based miniature war-gaming system was created by Milton Bradley, which we know as Heroscape. Definitely a head of its time, this game has a diverse ensemble of heroes/monsters/aliens that you battled over a customizable battlefield. During the descent of this game, Heroscape tried to salvage itself by teaming up with Marvel and Dungeons & Dragons. Sadly, the game was not able to resuscitate itself. Fast-forwarding to 2018, there are several different variations of the tabletop war-gaming such as: Heroclix, Star Wars Miniatures, and War Hammer. Heroscape was a gift from my parents and I loved it ever since, but I always had this need to add more characters, such as my Star Wars figures. So I combined them into an easily adaptable game play.

The Force is With You

Darth Revan

First of all, integration needs to be done for the Star Wars characters ability to fairly combat their opponents. The easiest way is to lessen their stats a bit to provide an equal playing field. Now I won’t go into detail as I shall cover it in my panel at Omni Fandom Expo, but I will tell you about my favorite character; Darth Revan. This Sith Lord is usually my first choice and has one of the best stats you can have as a hero. But since both Jedi and Sith Characters are Over Powered, it’s best to stick with one to two max. The soldiers class (for example, storm troopers), however, are pretty much on par, if not slightly stronger, than the Heroscape Figures soldiers. So theoretically, you could have a battle of the Empire vs. the Aliens from Heroscape and consider both sides even stat wise, as long as the Jedi/Sith stats were changed. I would prefer to go over advanced rules in another blog once everyone has had a chance to establish the base rules.

Enter the Hero

Heroclix is another great source to add to your ever-expanding army. This brand

I am Batman!

includes genres from Marvel, DC, and even TMNT. Now the stats on the Heroclix are pretty good and don’t need to be watered down to be able to function on the Heroscape board game, however, they do not come with advanced abilities, thus you have to create the abilities on your own. Now you want to be fair and fit within the rules of the characters. You cannot say, “Batman can use an instant take down on any character.” While he is known for that, the game would be over too quick, and wouldn’t be much fun. Because hypothetically, the lightsaber should be able to kill in one hit as well. Custom powers are fun, but that’s another Blog.

A New Player

Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire

Now, sadly, there are not miniatures for every character. It is no secret that the Anime community is large, yet is hard or pricey to get here in America. They may also be an incorrect size, and a plethora of other excuses. So customization is in order. Two of my favorite Animes are: Rosario + Vampire, and Death Note. While Death Note has risen in popularity, R+V has not and is hardly known. But finding Miniatures for these characters are harder still. So, what I did was paint some other miniatures to look like my favorite anime characters. For my R+V figure, I made Kurumu. While finding her is tricky, her monster is not. Kurumu is a succubus, so all I had to do was find a succubus figure I liked and repaint it to look like her. Ryuk was my second character. He was a little harder to create from another figurine. Since Shinigami do not have a miniature here in America, and grim reapers are typically robed skeletons, one has to be a little creative. So I found a harpy, and repainted it to look like Ryuk; now since these are

Ryuk from Death Note

custom characters you must once again create stats and special abilities, but that’s another blog. My next project will be to paint Saitama AKA One Punch Man once I pick up Superman from Cool Stuff Inc. The best part about custom characters is that they can be incredibly cheap. Since you’re painting the figures anyway, and the store will not buy them back. Just invest as little as possible, say $0.25 for common characters and paint them to be a one of a kind item.

There is a lot more to talk about with this game, so you’ll have to wait for a part II or even a Part III. Or just come see me at Omni Fandom and hear it for yourself.

Remember: Patience is a virtue and so is part two and three of my blog!

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