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No Two Quilts Are Ever The Same

Words that stop my heart: “Can you make me the same EXACT quilt?” When I

display a quilt at a show, some people would love to buy it but don’t have the money right then to make the purchase. I can understand that. The next statement always breaks my heart: “if you sells this one, you can make me another one, right?” The answer is no! I can make a similar one, but I can never duplicate the one I have hanging there.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

I have no idea what has happened to my memory but it is gone. So things like, where did I purchase that material three years ago? I have no idea. Take the left hand minion (I’ll call hanging). I bought the material in Colorado while attending a wedding. The couple isn’t even married anymore! So I wouldn’t know if the shop still has the material? Material is like clothing fashion. Prints go in and out of style.

It was for the same customer, so I did what anyone would do, I went on EBay to find the material. The Laying Down #minion came from Pennsylvania. She also wanted a one-eye minion for the vampire, which they don’t sell but have it in bats. Now you can see, that change on the inside boarder does made a different in the overall quilt. I felt I “scored” by getting the “eye” matey minion for the back. This is where customizing is at its finest.

Color Maketh the #Quilt

On the outside boarder, I had enough of the minion purple but not the batik purple. So I changed Laying Down minion to yellow. Not only does it brighten up the quilt, the lighter color gives the illusion of being a larger quilt. When I finish quilting my Rey/BB8 quilts, I’ll have to show you the difference again. Both are equally beautiful but some people love the red and others gravitate toward the orange boarders. Therefore, playing with color gives different interpretation and variety plus draws in varied cliental. Also, I am not one for monotonous work; my mind wants to be artistic.

Finishing Touches

Both quilts were quilted with a bat outlined running stitch. The boarders were done with a stitch in the ditch technique. Hangers and labels attached to each one. As luck would have it, these two were done within a couple months of each other but are totally different. (I can’t waited to compare Nightmare Before Christmas ones where years will take place between quilts.) I think that a custom, handmade quilt should be diverse. After all, purchasing a manufactured cookie cutter quilt would cost much less but doesn’t exude the personality the time, effort and love of a custom-made quilt. Isn’t that what you are really paying for?

Remember: You are your own person and so your quilt is its own quilt.

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