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Small Pictures -- Small Creations

Ryuk with Apples

I have seen many Con goers admire my Ryuk picture and wanted it but with a price tag of $175, all have gone away saddened with the knowledge that they could never own this beautiful piece of artwork. Believe me, I was not happy to see so much disappointment either but a lot of work went into this piece so I had to come up with another idea.

Ryuk Pillow

Enter the Ryuk Pillow! I found apple material, made the figure small and thereby lowered the price point to $65. It does sell . . . but once again most customers want to haggle down the price. For embroidery work that should be selling for $95, I really don’t have a lot of wiggle room on the price.

I really do enjoy all the people who come to the booth to admire my products. They are very passionate about what they love. I feed off that energy! I want everyone to be happy. So once again, what can be done?

Pricing is on thread count. When I started out four years ago, 1000 stitches would cost $1.50 now it is $2. That take into account electricity, time and materials used. So I have to decrease the thread count without interfering with the quality of my design. So shrinking is the way to go!

Smaller Ryuk Picture

I have introduced a new product to my repertoire! It builds off of what I already am doing but I am hoping that it is more affordable for Con goers. The picture at the right has a price tag of $30. It is 5 X 7 framed. Below I have included all the designs I have done up to this point. I also included my Anakin Nightfury work in progress that is a sold custom piece. Note the scales within the embroidery stitching. I cannot wait to stitch it out and see it in real life.

I hope you enjoyed my journey with pricing artwork for everyone. If there is a piece that catches your eye, contact me on my web page or see us at our booth at MegaCon or Florida SuperCon.

Remember: If you build it they will come. It just has to be in their price range.

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